There’s a touch of disarray encompassing bananas. Certain individuals consider this notable brilliant natural product a sound decision while others keep away from it, subsequent to seeing it on Internet arrangements of “5 Worst Foods.”

Among all fruits, they have the most exceedingly terrible standing. Individuals say they’re too carb rich, have a lot of sugar, or contain such a large number of calories.

There’s a whole development devoted to making banana-less smoothies in view of these concerns. Yet, would you be able to in any case eat them – regardless of whether you’re attempting to get in shape? Indeed and yes.

Unfavorable cases propose that it cause weight gain and blockage. An article from 1917 distributed in the Journal of the American Medical Association defended the healthy benefit of bananas, refering to supposed convictions during that time: “The banana is a reason for acid reflux and a tricky dietary part… ”

The logical name for banana is Musa, from the Musaceae group of blooming tropical plants, which particularly exhibits the banana natural product bunched at the highest point of the plant.

The gentle tasting and sickness safe Cavendish type is the principle assortment sold in the U.S. what’s more Europe.

Regardless of a few negative consideration, they are nutritious and may even convey the title of the first “superfood,” embraced by the American Medical Association in the mid twentieth century as a wellbeing nourishment for kids and a therapy for celiac infection.

Here is reality with regards to what this sweet and velvety organic product will do to – and for – your body.


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Nutrition facts of banana

Vitamin B6




L-ascorbic acid


One serving, or one medium ready banana, gives around 110 calories, 0 gram fat, 1 gram protein, 28 grams carb, 15 grams sugar (normally happening), 3 grams fiber, and 450 mg potassium.


Banana (Cavendish) -Sometimes named a “dessert banana,” this exemplary sort is somewhat sweet when ready. Pick bananas with green or clear yellow strips without swelling.

The maturing system will change the strip from being thick and solid to thin and more adaptable, with earthy colored spots surfacing until the whole strip obscures.

For best flavor, delay until the banana is brilliant yellow with a couple of earthy colored spots. With kept maturing, the whole strip becomes tanish dark and the mash starts to age and relax further while losing pleasantness.

Coming up next are other banana assortments less ordinarily accessible in the U.S.

Plantain (Green Banana) -Larger, starchier, and less-sweet form of Musa that is frequently utilized for cooking. At the point when green, the plantain is unripe with an impartial flavor and firm tissue.

In specific tropical districts including Central America, Africa, and the Philippines, the plantain is a significant wellspring of carb that is seared, bubbled, or prepared in a wide assortment of dishes.

Whenever permitted to develop, the skin will yellow and foster a somewhat sweet flavor that might be eaten crude or cooked.

Red Banana -This assortment is more limited and plumper than the Cavendish assortment with a dim rosy purple shade. A ready red banana will be velvety and regularly better than Cavendish bananas. 

Lady Finger -Thinner and marginally more limited than the Cavendish bananas, they are better and eaten crude or as pastry.

Do bananas have a high glycemic list?

Do bananas cause glucose spikes and, provided that this is true, would they be able to be remembered for the eating regimens of those with conditions like sort 2 diabetes and prediabetes?

A few doctors suggest that patients with diabetes pick food sources with a low glycemic list. The glycemic record (GI) is a proportion of the ascent in glucose levels in the wake of eating a specific food.

A GI score of 55 or less is evaluated as low, implying that the food won’t raise glucose fundamentally. The glycemic load (GL) is a more explicit measure that records for a food’s glycemic list as well as variables how much starch in one serving of that food. A score of 10 or less is appraised as low GL.

As indicated by the International Glycemic Index Database, ready bananas have a low GI of 51, with somewhat under-ready bananas even lower at 42; they have a moderate GL of 13 and 11, individually.

For what reason is the glycemic load score higher if the glycemic list is low? It very well might be because of the greater sugar content of bananas (there are 28 grams in a single medium banana versus around 19 grams in a medium apple); this will build the glycemic load.

In any case, the kind of carb in bananas is characterized as resistant starch, what works much the same way to dietary fiber. Safe starch isn’t separated in the small digestive system so it makes less glucose be delivered into the circulatory system.

This creates a lower glycemic record and a more prominent sensation of satiety as the starch is processed gradually.



What number of Calories Are in a Banana?

One medium banana (around seven inches long) comes in at 105 calories.

“A banana is an ideal 100-calorie nibble,” says Jennifer Davis, RDN, a provincial administrator of clinical nourishment and dietary administrations for Kaiser Permanente in Honolulu, Hawaii.

What’s Actually in a Banana?

Indeed, it is mostly carbs – and that is really something incredible. (One medium banana packs 27 grams of carbs.)  “Carbohydrates are the essential wellspring of fuel for muscles.

You really want them for your body to run on,” says Davis. A bigger banana may rise to two cuts of bread, while a little would be identical to an apple or orange.

Are Bananas Filled With Sugar?

Indeed, they in all actuality do have some sugar in them – 14 g – however this sugar is enveloped with a stimulating bundle of 3 g of fiber and surprisingly 1 g of protein.

They are without fat, and they don’t contain the additional sugar that is found in energy bars, treats, and candy – the sort of sugar that can prompt medical conditions.



“A high admission of fiber helps top you off and move your insides,” says Davis, adding that fiber might even ensure against certain types of disease, such as colon cancer.

Research distributed in August 2015 by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition backs that up. Davis says that alongside the normally happening sugar, you likewise get modest quantities of different supplements, like vitamin C, magnesium, folate, vitamin A, and iron.

They are additionally overflowing with illness battling cell reinforcements, suggests a audit distributed in September 2016 in Food Chemistry.


What might be said about the Potassium Content in Banana?

You’ve since quite a while ago heard that bananas are incredible wellsprings of the mineral potassium. “This is an electrolyte that the greater part of us don’t get enough of.

It assists your muscles with contracting and your heart beat,” says Davis. She clarifies that both sodium and potassium cooperate to move liquid all through your cells, and exploration shows that potassium is critical to adjusting your pulse.

In fact, a concentrate on distributed in April 2017 in the American Journal of Physiology concluded that expanding how much potassium eaten with regards to nutritious, normal sources can lessen circulatory strain, and consequently affect bringing down the danger of heart and kidney illness.


Would it be advisable for you to Eat Banana Before a Workout?

Indeed! On account of a banana’s benefits to muscle work, it could be what you really want to overcome exercise.

A study distributed in May 2012 in the journal PLoS One concluded that eating a banana during an exercise was similarly just about as successful as a caffeinated drink as far as helping execution. Plus, “a banana is a better wellspring of potassium than a caffeinated drink,” says Davis.


Would it be a good idea for you to Eat a Banana if Your Stomach Hurts?

Certainly. Agreeing to a December 2014 article in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, it contain soluble fiber, which is known to help ease or prevent gas pain and constipation.

Additionally, their potassium assists with settling sodium levels, reducing bloating, as indicated by Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Letter.


Would it be advisable for you to Pair Your Banana With Something Else?

Not really. Yet, assuming you have type 2 diabetes, you might need to eat it with a protein source, similar to nut margarine, to assist you with feeling more full and conceivably increment your opportunities for weight reduction achievement.

You can likewise add a crushed banana into cooked quinoa (which contains protein) for breakfast. Assuming you have diabetes, realize that bananas moreover contain a kind of fiber called safe starch, which brings down your glucose reaction –  one concentrate on distributed in January 2017 in Nutrition Bulletin showed that food sources containing safe starch like bananas might be especially gainful for the individuals who have diabetes.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Eating Banana?

A great many people could securely eat up to six or seven bananas every day, says Davis. (However, except if you’re partaking in a food eating challenge, you’re likely not doing that.)

Nonetheless, assuming that you have a condition where taking in a lot of potassium can be risky (like constant kidney infection), you’ll need to converse with your medical services supplier regarding what you really want.

Moreover, assuming you’re taking sure meds, like beta-blockers, which can associate with higher potassium levels, you likewise need to check with your PCP, says Davis.

Agreeing to the American Heart Association, beta-blockers are only one of the heart illness drugs associated with hyperkalemia, likewise called high potassium.

Others include diuretics and angiotensin changing over protein inhibitors (ACE inhibitors). Make certain to check with your doctor if you’re bringing down numerous bananas (or other foods high in potassium) routinely.


Are Bananas a Good Choice to Lose Weight?

Yes! A survey distributed in October 2016 in Nutrients found that organic product admission was defensive against weight gain and heftiness, supporting the customary way of thinking that it’s vital to remember an assortment of natural product for your eating routine, bananas among them.




Davis suggests eating a banana before a supper. The fiber will assist with topping you off so you have less space for what follows. You can likewise utilize pounded bananas to supplant the oil in heated products and diminishing the calories, Davis calls attention to. Furthermore you can freeze a banana, hack it up, and spin it in the food processor to make “frozen yogurt” for dessert.



Store at room temperature away from direct daylight.

Try not to refrigerate green bananas as this can disturb ordinary aging.

To accelerate aging, store in an earthy colored paper sack or spot close to ready organic product, which radiates ethylene gas that causes aging.

On the flipside, assuming you wish to slow aging, store bananas from other ready bananas or organic products. Try not to store in plastic packs as this traps overabundance dampness and may advance decaying.

Banana “trees” or holders assist with uncovering a group of bananas to an even measure of oxygen, and advance progressive aging by keeping abundance strain and dampness from gathering on the bananas at the lower part of the bunch.

Completely ready brilliant yellow bananas might be put away in the cooler in a fixed produce cabinet.

Refrigeration will save the flavor for one more week, regardless of whether the strips keep on obscuring.

Assuming the banana strip has matured to a for the most part earthy colored tone, eliminate the strip and cleave or crush the mash to remember for prepared products or freeze to be added into smoothies.

Get ready

Cut ready banana into a natural product salad. Press a touch of corrosive like apple juice vinegar, squeezed orange, lime, or lemon onto the bananas to forestall obscuring excessively fast.

Substitute an equivalent measure of squashed banana for spread for thick prepared products like biscuits, speedy breads, and treats.

Utilizing banana might make the item prepare quicker, so check for doneness a few minutes sooner than expected or diminish the broiler temperature by 25°F.

The bananas will likewise add pleasantness, so decrease how much added sugar in the formula by one-quarter to one-half.

For a frozen treat, cut a stripped ready banana fifty-fifty (in the center) and addition a popsicle stick or stick into the level end.

Dunk banana into yogurt and coat equitably; sprinkle with nuts, hacked dried natural product, cinnamon, or other most loved fixings and freeze for a considerable length of time.

For a simple sans dairy frozen yogurt elective, strip, cleave, and freeze two medium bananas. Place into a blender or food processor and add a couple of tablespoons of fluid (water, dairy or plant milk, or coconut water).

Mix until smooth. Add additional fluid in the event that extra smoothness is wanted. For an alternate flavor, add 1-2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder or nut/seed spread, a sprinkle of vanilla concentrate and cinnamon, or ½ cup frozen berries.

Did You Know?

In numerous nations, banana and plantain leaves are reused as food coverings, for example, to hold tamales and meats. They are additionally used to cover or wrap different food varieties while cooking to help seal in flavor.

Banana strips hold back plant synthetic compounds as cancer prevention agents, and have for quite some time been utilized in conventional and society medication as a germicide and calming to advance injury mending, for example, for bug nibbles, minor consumes, and sunburns.

As a straightforward home cure, within the strip is pushed on an injury for a long time.


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The Bottom Line

In spite of the negative criticism they frequently get, they are a modest, supplement stuffed, compact food that is an extraordinary decision for individuals hoping to decrease their illness hazard, and either keep up with or accomplish a sound weight.

Since most Americans don’t eat an adequate number of products of the soil, a banana can be a decent method for meeting your every day amount, says Davis.






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